Murray Wellness is Committed to Transforming Your Long Term Health

I am thrilled to announce that the Be Present LLC  has now expanded its portfolio of businesses to include both TC Surfski and Murray Wellness.

My wife Kim graduated from the Institute for Integrated Nutrition in September and is now a Board Certified Health Counselor (AADP).   She has launched Murray Wellness as an integrated and holistic health coaching business that will focus on addressing all aspects of total health including mind, body, and spirit.

Now Accepting New Clients

Kim is now accepting new clients, both local and remote, and is offering detoxification programs as well as vitamin and nutrient consultations.  Check out her website to see her complete offering

It is a very exciting time to be working in the wellness arena.   On one hand, we are facing unprecedented levels of chronic lifestyle driven diseases including diabetes, heart disease, stroke, dementia and cancer.  On the other hand, the path to prevent and in some cases even cure these diseases has never been clearer.    There is widespread scientific consensus that healthy eating and the right vitamin and nutrient supplementation is far more effective at treating chronic diseases than prescription medications will ever be.   We are at the cusp of a massive movement that will drive a shift in the medical approach to focus on treating the entire system and not the specific disease.   There are brilliant highly qualified medical doctors leading this movement but unfortunately it has not yet made it into the main stream medical school establishment.  It has however become a major component of the health coach curriculum.

Not Rocket Science

The good news is that getting healthy and undoing the damage of chronic diseases is not rocket science.   In fact it is quite simple, but it does require a lot of motivation and someone to assist you in the journey.   This is where a health coach becomes invaluable.  They have the time and experience necessary to create a lasting bond and relationship with you and will work with you over time to drive true transformation.

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Stress and Anxiety Reduction

In addition to working with clients on food,  Kim will also include offerings focused on stress and anxiety reduction.   In many cases poor diets can be a major underlying factor in stress, anxiety, and even depression.  You should certainly expect improvements in all of these from changes to your diet.   However, beyond just diet, there are many tools and lifestyles changes that can be implemented to reduce stress and anxiety in your life.

Kim and I are fortunate and have always been in relatively good shape so we don’t have a story around massive weight loss,  but we do have experience with the crippling effect of anxiety.   Soon after our twins turned four and at the end of the holiday season (Dec 30th), Kim suffered from a crippling anxiety attack.   As is very often the case, we didn’t know what it was at the time,  but after about a week, the diagnoses was clear.   At the time Kim worked with our family doctor and agreed to go on a low dose of Zoloft.   It was necessary at the time, but she was determined not to become dependent on it and so embarked on a journey to adopt every possible natural tool available.    This meant no more caffeine,  no more television, very limited alcohol,  regular meditation, and for the first few months anxiety counseling.      Fortunately after six months Kim was able to go off the Zoloft and has not had any issues since.

Reflecting back it is tough to say what exactly led to the breakdown.     Most likely it was the combination of many things including both environmental factors and diet / nutrient deficiencies.   We kept a hectic schedule with a lot of pressure on ourselves to maintain our pre-kids lifestyle.   We both worked and I travel frequently which meant Kim was working nearly full time and also managing both kids with limited support.    At the time we had also been following a vegan diet for close to four years so it is possible she had B vitamin and Omega 3 deficiencies.

There is no doubt we learned a lot from Kim’s experience and have made substantial changes to both our diet and lifestyle since then.   Kim’s health coaching curriculum focused heavily on the concept of bio-individuality.   This essentially states that everyone is unique and one person’s nectar is another person’s poison.   Fortunately there is now a lot of common ground and undisputable facts around the foods we should be eating.  Kim will start with this base and work from there to find the right mix for each individual client.   While we both agree a vegan diet is great for the planet, it is not optimal for everyone’s health and should be approached cautiously and with all the right tools and knowledge around critical foods to eat and vitamins and nutrients to supplement.

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I am as passionate about healthy cooking and eating as I am about surfski paddling and I could continue rambling on and on.  In the interest of brevity,  I’ll wrap this up and just suggest that if you or  any of your family and friends  are struggling with reaching optimal health, signing up with a health coach could be exactly what the doctor ordered… or I guess in this case, didn’t but should have ordered.

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