TC Waterman Surfski Race 2014

The TC Waterman is now just a few days away.    As I post this on Wed night,  the forecast seems to indicate a southwest wind pattern (option A),  but that could change.   I will make the decision on Friday night which of three options we will execute and it will be posted on my Facebook page

Option A –  South Wind – Race goes from Clinch to Bowers.    Racers will first stage their boats at the designated area at Clinch park (See picture below).    You can then drive your cars out to Bowers and shuttle back on your own,  or you can stage your car and catch one of the shuttles from Bowers back to Clinch leaving between 11:00 and 12:15

Option B – North Wind  –  Race goes from Bowers to Clinch Park   –  You will be on your own to stage your boats out at Bowers (someone will be there to watch them),  then drive back to the finish at Clinch Park to catch a shuttle leaving between 11:00 – 12:15   for Bowers  Harbor.   We may have a trailer for the shuttle to haul you and your boat out to Bowers Harbor – this will be first come first serve,  so check in early at my booth if we choose this option.

Option C – No significant wind or a straight west wind  –  this is the simple option –  we will just do an out and back and/or triangular course launching from Clinch Park.   Drop your boat at the staging area at Clinch Park.     We will keep  the distance at approximately 10 miles.

All options will have a water start at 2:00 PM   and beach finish… paddlers will run through the timing gate with paddle in hand

Check my Facebook page for updates

tc waterman

I will have a booth setup at the expo,  so you can check in with me in the morning for the latest update

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