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SURFSKI with the Pros… provides information that paddlers at all levels can use to improve their skills, helping you to progress from the moment that you put your ski on the water for the first time to the day when you are ready to compete in an event.

This book draws on the experience of Dawid Mocke and Nikki Mocke, who have both played a major role in the evolution of surfskiing around the world. Both Dawid and Nikki have competed in events at the highest level of world competition. They also provide surfski coaching and support through their Surfski School.

The content of SURFSKI with the Pros… ranges from the basics of balancing on a ski to harnessing the power and rhythm of the sea when paddling downwind. There is a lot to learn to become a proficient paddler. SURFSKI with the Pros… is designed to help you tackle surfskiing in small chunks, gradually building on what you learn. With SURFSKI with the Pros… you will quickly progress from one skill level to the next. The book will give you the sense of being coached by Dawid or Nikki at the Surfski School, surfskiing with them or even competing against them.

SURFSKI with the Pros… is an integral part of the MOCKE coaching package.

The book is written by Kevin Brunette, the illustrations are drawn by Tom Schilperoort and the images are taken by Jean Tresfon.


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