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Kokatat Technical Paddling Apparel and Accessories 

I’m really excited to announce that TC Surfski will now be an authorized dealer for Kokatat.    Kokatat is small 150 employee organization based in Arcata, California.  They  manufacturer dry suits, layering garments, pfds and several other great paddling accessories.   Over the past 40 years Kokatat has earned a legendary reputation for both their quality and customer service.  Kokatat dry suits have long been the gold standard against which all other dry suits are compared.    The entire Kokatat line of products is hand crafted in their California production facility.   The results and reviews speak for themselves and you will be hard pressed to find anything but glowing reports about both the Kokatat products and their dedication to customer service.

Dry Suits

Probably the single most popular and proven paddling dry suit on the market is the Kokatat GORE-TEX Meridian.   This has long been recognized as the ultimate paddling suit.   This suit can be custom built to meet your exact measurements ensuring a perfect fit.   If you don’t fit into the standard sizing this is a great option as you’ll likely own this dry suit for a lifetime

Kokatat also offers the GORE-TEX Lightweight paddling suit.   Technically this is not classified as a dry suit but rather a “paddling suit”.   The reason for this is because the neck is an adjustable neoprene collar.   This means that it will be considerably more comfortable and can be loosened to breath  but will leak a small amount  (a couple tablespoons) of water if your head/neck goes under for any length of time.   Additionally it uses a lightweight GORE-TEX material which breathes even better than the the standard GORE-TEX making it ideal for physically intense / high heart rate activities such as surfski paddling or SUP paddling.   I have ordered this suit for my personal use and will write a detailed review once I’ve had a chance to put it through the paces.    I am convinced I will not be disappointed.   This suit comes highly recommend by Wesley Echols who has owned several dry suits over the years and probably logs more dry suit surfski paddling hours than anyone.

Kokatat offers several more dry suit options which I won’t go into detail on in this blog, but there are some additional lower cost suits utilizing the new Hydrus material and these are getting great reviews as well.


Kokatat has several lines of layering and I can’t wait to test out and report back on them all.  I currently own a  long sleeve mid weight paddling layer that is about five years old and has been my go to top for base layer warmth for several years.  It has an uncanny  ability to retain almost no water and dry almost instantly.

Polartec® Power Dry® BaseCore

This silkweight polyester/polypropylene Polartec® Power Dry® base layer, sourced and made entirely in the US, has been designed specifically to work in concert with a Kokatat dry suit or top to keep paddlers warm and comfortable. The polypropylene inner knit is hydrophobic and aids in rapid moisture transport, keeping the user dryer and has a low thermal conductivity which means lower heat loss.

Polartec® Power Dry® OuterCore

This US made 4-way stretch, recycled content Polartec® Power Dry® fabric provides extra warmth when needed. On its own or layered with Kokatat BaseCore or WoolCore items, OuterCore transports moisture away from the body enhancing comfort. Paddling specific design and a durable jersey face enables smoother layering with outer suits and tops.


The new WoolCore baselayer insulation combines the warmth of wool with the superior moisture wicking, durability and dry time of polyester. The super-soft, chlorine-free wool is grown in New Zealand, and cut and sewn in California.


Kokatat’s Polartec® Power Dry® SunCore rashguard insulators are a lightweight, high-stretch construction of polyester and spandex that will absorb very little water and dry quickly. Paddling specific patterns and flat stitched seams prevent chafing. UPF 30+ sun protection.


This lightweight 0.5mm neoprene fabric features a plush polyester inner lining that is comfortable against the skin and retains less water. Combined with a Durable Water Resistant (DWR) coating on the outer surface, NeoCore helps regulate body temperature by reducing the effect of evaporative heat loss.


The Kokatat approach to quality (ISO 9000 certified) and customer service aligns perfectly with the quality and customer service experience that we are committed to at TC Surfski.  I want our customers to be safe and comfortable in any and all conditions they venture out in and I am absolutely  convinced I can ensure this through my partnership with Kokatat.  Always remember, there is no such thing as bad weather,  just bad gear
If you have a few minutes,  I highly recommend watching this video that tells the Kokatat story.   It is truly so rare in today’s world to still see and be a part of companies such as Kokatat who have stayed true to their roots and are so highly committed to their employees and customers.   A true role model for all of us and an organization I am honored to be in partnership with.

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