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TC Waterman –  Just Do It!

We are now just two weeks away from the 3rd Annual TC Waterman Surfski Race, and I’m going to start putting on the full court press to get all the Great Lakes surfski racers to come out and participate in this phenomenal race.   Last year we had around 25 surfski paddlers and this year I know if everyone comes out we can easily get to 40 which would make TC Waterman the largest and premier surfski race of the Great Lakes.

Here are the top 10 reasons to come out and race the TC Waterman on your Surfski

  1. We all suffered through a long and brutal winter, but the water temperatures in Grand Traverse  Bay are now very pleasant,  and it is absolutely time to take advantage of this perfect window of time to be on the water
  2. At 10 miles  (hopefully with wind at your back)   this race is a very manageable distance in a safe and protected body of water.   Certainly a challenge for all,  but a very doable challenge
  3. Last year Arne Borgnes (an 86 year old man) finished the race right around 2 hours, roughly the time of the winning SUP racer.    He is an inspiration to all of us,  and shows us that there is no excuse for not participating
  4. This race will count toward the opportunity to win a brand new Epic V12 Surfski if you complete just 3 of the Great Lakes Race Series Races
  5. The venue is second to none,  and you’ll have a great opportunity to hang out before the race see all the latest and greatest in water sports gear
  6. With a 2:00 PM start time most paddlers throughout Michigan and the surrounding area can do this race in a day trip if needed
  7. The 2:00 PM start also helps to ensure we have some favorable wind at our back
  8. The after race party is definitely one of the best, if not the best in the paddle racing world.   Shorts Brewery will be there pouring world class ice cold beers to go with the Pig Roast and other food options to be enjoyed while listening to live band performances
  9. Traverse City has a ton to offer and is quickly becoming one of the hottest towns in the midwest.   You shouldn’t have any trouble convincing your significant other to spend a weekend here in mid August
  10. It is a great opportunity to network within the surfski community and connect with paddlers in your area


I know there are a lot of surfski owners who may be timid to come out and do this race because they don’t feel ready or well trained.   My strong advice is Just Do It!    You will not regret it!    At the end of the day, it is all about participation and building the community.   Once you do get involved and do a race you will quickly realize that there are no egos in surfski racing.  Everyone is more than willing to offer advice, assistance,  and support.     So please don’t be intimidated and don’t miss this awesome day simply because you don’t think you have trained enough.  It is all about participation and just finishing a 10 mile race in a surfski is much more than many people ever achieve,  so it is something to be very proud of.

Read up on the 2012 and 2013 TC Waterman Events!

 Hope to see you there on August 16th!