Paddle Relay is Now Well Underway

The Paddle Relay is well underway now,   finishing it’s third full week and building some tremendous momentum as it goes.   Everyone who has become involved in this event, both paddlers and support crew,  have raved about the experience.  Follow the action on Facebook and see for yourself

Unfortunately I haven’t had a lot of time to write and cover all the action, but when I received the e-mail below from Captain Billy Bellinger,  I knew I had to share it.   This is great unbiased, unsolicited and factual information on what the Epic V7 is capable of.   Billy is a seasoned and extremely strong paddler,  but at 60 years old and a career that has him on the road often, he is also not unlike many of us.   Below is the e-mail I received from Billy… verbatim


Greetings V7 and Nick Murray fans,

OK, Here is what I think. For me its a 6.7 to 6.8 boat which is fast considering the weight and wider hull. The extra stability makes it easy to concentrate on a good strong paddle stroke. Oscar should paddle the V7 in the US Surf Ski Championship. He always says stability before speed.

1. I was shot yesterday, and it shows on the Garmin where the first couple of miles is 6.8 or 6.7 and then drops off as I go into more of a survival mode. In the survival mode I still held 6.3 to 6.4

Was still beat from the 21 miles the day before.

2. Guys: When you hit 60 years old  it takes two days to recover. I only had one.

3. So I think the boat is a 6.7 for me where as the Ocean Kayak sprinter is about 6.2 and the Epic V10 Sport (older fiberglass, heavy version)  is about 7.

4. Mile 7 jumped back up to 6.7 because I had a 30 minute break after mile 6.

So the V7 is surprisingly fast considering the weight and shape of the hull.

I liked the boat a lot. Doesn’t have the speed of a full blown surf ski,  but its durable and a great play boat especially for someone who doesn’t want to risk their life being offshore in freezing Lake Michigan doing a downwind.

Eric Haas and I finished the Holland to Ludington segment last night.

Thank you Eric. Could not have done it without your help every day.

Billy B.

V7 Lake Michigan June 17, 2015 : The Lake was dead calm.

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 6.13.14 PM

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