In this Podcast, I interview Olympian and 12x Molokai World Champion Oscar Chalupsky.  Oscar is largely considered the greatest downwind paddler of all time. He has been competing at a world class level for 40 years and shows absolutely no signs of slowing down.   In fact, Oscar is now chasing monster waves, the 24 hour Ocean distance World Record, and a 13th Molokai victory.  All the while,  embracing the fact that many of his competitors are half his age. Oscar realizes more and more that it is all about training and eating smarter to stay competitive in his 50s.

In this podcast we cover a wide range of topics including but certainly not limited to:

  • How Oscar got started in paddling
  • Paddling cold water in the open Atlantic off the coast of Portugal  (hint-  Oscar embraces paddling in a wetsuit most importantly because it keeps him warm and safe, but also because it trains him for handling the heat and adds a little extra resistance.   Oscar’s wetsuit of choice is the Quicksilver 3/2 with FN Lite Stretchy Neoprene)
  • Chasing the biggest wave ever surfed on a surfski at Nazare.  Check out this video to see the break at Nazare in action
  • The MAF (aka Phil Maffetone)  heart rate training program that has Oscar in the shape of his life
  • The ithlete HRV monitor that Oscar uses  to monitor his training level
  • Oscar has been following the Real Meal Revolution diet protocol created by his friend and fellow South African Timothy Noakes.   Oscar was actually a subject in some of the ground breaking hydration studies that Noakes led.
  • Oscar references a classic podcast in which Noakes and Maffetone came together for the first time to discuss  a wide array of learnings from a lifetime of performance training experience this  Podcast episode is definitely worth checking out
  • Oscar’s latest and now favorite new drill for downwind paddling (proper power precisely applied)
  • Forward stroke technique and why Oscar still does drills.  We discuss going deep and mastering the basic fundamentals,  concepts I am learning in the book I’m curently reading  The Art of Learning by Josh Waitzkin
  • The differences between padding K1 and Surfski
  • Lots, lots more

It is always great to catch up with Oscar and this podcast was no exception. It was so much fun. Oscar truly is one of the greatest world renowned ambassadors for the sport of surfski and a huge inspiration to all as he continues to prove what is possible if you just set your mind to it.