Follow your passion and it will lead you to your purpose

In this episode of Peak Paddle Performance we catch up with Dawid Mocke in Hood River just before he heads out to race the Gorge Downwind Championships.   This interview comes right  on the heels of a victory at the Canadian Surfski Championship where Dawid proved that despite having extensive life commitments, he still can still compete and win at the world class level.
Dawid is recognized by paddlers around the world as one of the most accomplished open ocean racers of all time, as well as a passionate teacher and entrepreneur.   In addition to winning races all over the world, Dawid runs a surfski school in Cape Town, SA and manages a rapidly growing brand of paddling products he hopes will transcend surfski and become go to products for all paddlers wanting to outfit themselves with proven gear for their next adventure, whatever that might be.
We ran short on time, so we didn’t go super deep in all the areas we could have covered,  but despite that, this is still turned into a very entertaining, inspirational, and information packed 35 minutes with Dawid.
In this short session we cover
  • A week in Hood River gorging on downwind runs
  • The first early child hood experience that hooked Dawid on ocean paddling
  • Dawid’s early days of competing and reaching the highest levels in surf life saving
  • When Dawid knew for sure that ocean racing was this passion
  • Quitting his full time job and starting the Mocke SURFSKI School
  • Starting the Mocke Product Line
  • Dawid’s approach to periodization
  • Training volume as a full time athlete and now as a committed father and entrepreneur
  • Dawid’s thoughts on dry land training
  • The secret beach bikini workout that only Dawid would admit to doing
We certainly plan to catch up with Dawid again sometime soon to go even deeper,  but you definitely don’t want to miss this entertaining and information packed 35 minutes with one of the most inspirational paddlers in the world.