Today’s podcast guest Kenny Howell might just be the ultimate renaissance paddler. In his 38 years of paddling Kenny has been in virtually every type of kayak in every type of condition. A long time Californian with blue eyes, blond hair, and aura of a man who knows adventure,  his backyard includes the infamous Mavericks break in Half Moon Bay, so suffice it to say, Kenny has seen seen a few.

Kenny has decades of sea kayak and white water experience, but his passion for the past several years has been all surfski. Kenny currently works as the West Coast sales and marketing rep for Epic Kayaks.   In addition to his work with the Epic Team,  Kenny has been working with the American Canoe Association to have surfski recognized as a unique paddling discipline, a critical step to pave the way for future growth of the sport.

In this podcast we try to cover the full 38 years of Kenny’s paddling life and wild experiences on the ocean including:

  • His introduction to paddling at the age of 17
  • Paddling the Sea of Cortez
  • Running a kayak guiding business in Baja for 10 years
  • Moving back to Half Moon Bay and getting mixed up with the Tsunami Rangers
  • How Kenny won a couple of the legendary and insane Tsumami Ranger Races and earned ahonorary membership
  • Racing Molokai
  • Kenny thoughts on downwind padding and his eloquent blog describing the conditions he often paddles in
  • Details on the surfski instructor training courses being offered this year via the ACA along with the official announcement as posted on Surfski News
  • Kenny’s Experience paddling the new V12
  • Thoughts on the new V8 Double
  • Kenny’s most memorable moment ever the water (hint – it doesn’t involve downwind)
  • The 3 foundation pillars of surfski paddling that Kenny learned from Jasper Mocke and keeps on his phone at all times for quick reference

I thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity to catch up with and go deep with Kenny on all sorts of exciting paddling stories.   I’m certain you will as well

p.s.  check out these cool videos of Kenny surfing his brains out


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