In this podcast I sit down with Oscar Chalupsky in his home in Porto Portugal on the last night of a three day visit.   The primary focus of the discussion is for Oscar to provide coaching and guidance to prepare me to have the best race possible at the Gorge Downwind Champs in July.    We certainly get into this discussion and Oscar provides some excellent and specific training guidelines for me to follow.

There was a bit of  delay between recording this podcast and now getting it published, which gave me a chance to reflect more on the three days that I spent with Oscar.   In the podcast intro I share 2 of the key insights I came away with that begin to explain how Oscar has become the master of downwind.

  • A couple of minor technique tips that I need to make
  • MAF Training method / concepts
  • Drills for building downwind explosiveness
  • Key downwind paddling skills that will be required at the Gorge
  • Oscar’s outlook for Molokai 2017
  • A little off topic, but I mention a podcast I recently heard with Mark Allen one of the most successful triathletes of all time who also used the MAF training
  • What the pros do that most of us are not aware of
  • A few paddlers who have gotten very good in the sport despite not growing up in surfski hot beds

I hope you enjoy this podcast as much as I enjoyed spending the time with Big O and his lovely wife Clare