In today’s podcast we catch up with Boyan Zlatarev of the Tarifa, Spain Surfski Center.   Boyan recently executed a spoof on Social Media known as the Surfski 600 Project.   The goal was to get the attention of the paddling community and ultimately drive a mindset shift into how we view the capabilities of boats that have traditionally been labeled as  “beginner” craft.

While the feedback and support was overwhelmingly positive, there were some who were not thrilled with the spoof.

In this podcast we go deep to understand what was behind the inspiration and motivation for Boyan to do this.

“Stability before Ability” is a term first coined by Oscar Chalupsky and while many of us have been preaching it solidly for a few years now,  Boyan felt there was still more that could be done.   In addition to the stability discussion, comes the discussion around recognizing that surfski paddling is not all about racing and statistics, and we should all do more to attract and welcome those who simply want to be on the water for the pure enjoyment of it all.

This is a relatively short discussion, but as always, Boyan is both entertaining and though provoking.  He is constantly studying people, markets, other sports, and industries to glean examples and concepts that can be applied to drive further growth of surfski.    I think you’ll really enjoy this discussion