In today’s podcast we sit down with Dr Brendan O’Neill the Chief Operating Officer of Vaaka Cadence based out of New Zealand.    Brendan grew up in competitive kayaking starting at the age of 15.  He competed at very high levels in the UK during his peak years and then transitioned into coaching.   As a paddler, coach, and Doctor of Sports Medicine, Brendan found his true passion exploring the realm of physiology and related metrics to drive optimal performance.
This is a great discussion centered around the benefits of training with real time cadence and distance per stroke feedback.   And specifically how to both drive continuous improvement in your paddling as well as find the sweet spot where you operate most efficiently.  Some of the key topics we cover include:
  • The very beginnings of the Vaaka Cadence sensor and how it was used in the lead up to a very successful 2012 Olympics for the NZ team
  • Why cadence can often be a better metric to focus on than heart rate or speed
  • Why power is a challenging metric for paddlers
  • How to chart cadence versus speed and identify where your efficiency starts to break down
  • A very simple threshold workout that is an absolute must in any training program
  • The very basic one page cadence training guide that the team at Vaaka has published
  • How to setup your Vaaka Cadence sensor with whatever smart phone or watch you are using
While this discussion is all around cadence, I want to reinforce that cadence is one tool in the context of others, and all of the athletes that are doing cadence training already have a strong foundation of solid forward stroke technique and still do extensive technique work.   So while you should certainly consider cadence based training, it should not be at the expense of developing a foundational forward stroke
If you are intrigued by this discussion and decide to explore cadence training,  you can order the Vaaka Cadence sensor at TCSURFSKI.COM  enter coupon code PPP10 to get 10% off
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