In this podcast we catch up with Oscar to get a front row view of the racing at the ICF World Surfski Championships in Hong Kong (check out the link for great live footage)  and the infamous Doctor downwind race in Perth, Australia.

This is a relatively short podcast at just over 30 minutes,  but as usual, it is always very informative to catch up with Oscar and get his perspective on the racing and the conditions.  Beyond just the race discussion, I jumped at the opportunity to pick his brain for some tips and tricks to successfully paddling a tandem downwind, which is something that can be very humbling and challenges many of us.  We also chat briefly about plans for the 2018 TC SURFSKI Immersion.  Below is a short recap of key topics:

  • The week leading up to the ICF World Surfski Championships, a key item of note is the number of countries represented,  I believe roughly 27, which speaks to the global growth of the sport
  • Race conditions through the course and Oscar’s strategy to optimize
  • A detailed description of the huge conditions at the Doctor and how Oscar’s race unfolded
  • Key elements to focus on when paddling a tandem downwind
  • A brief discussion on plans for the 2018 TC SURFSKI Immersion

Note: Don’t fast forward too quickly through the beginning of this podcast, I throw in a quick holiday promotional offer that all Podcast listeners can take advantage of now through Dec 25th