Check out the Epic V5 in action.  Truly a surfski that anyone can enjoy

The all new V8 Pro is the perfect boat for the athletic and inspired beginner,  or the experienced paddler who needs something just a bit more stable for those big days.

Hank McGregor may well be the ultimate all around paddler.   Check out this cool footage of him in the Epic V14

Jasper Mocke recently broke the speed record on the Iconic Miller’s Run in South Africa.   This is a really cool video getting to the roots of what drive’s Jasper’s passion for paddling

The Molokai Challenge is right up there with the most coveted races in the world.  Completing this grueling 32 mile crossing should be on the bucket list of all serious paddlers.  It is an experience you will not regret.

Produced by Clint Robinson and Greg Barton,  this three part technique series is short, sweet, and to the point,  but covers everything you need to know to paddle like a Gold Medalist

Below is short video clip to help you setup your new Epic Surfski so you’re ready to paddle like all the guys in the videos above