Epic V10 Surfski – A True Game Changer

What They Say….

The original Epic V10 was introduced in 2005. It revolutionized surf ski paddling with many features that are now standard on most of the top surf ski brands in the world. In the ensuing 7 years the Epic V10 won almost every surfski race in the world, including the Molokai World Championships 3 times, the Australian Doctor 3 times and other prestigious international races multiple times. It was the first stable extremely fast surf ski. It is still bought, raced and paddled all around the world today.

So why the NEW Epic V10?

Greg Barton gives an insight into the design of the NEW Epic V10:

“Oscar Chalupsky and I have logged many thousands of kilometers in the Epic V10, as well as our newer models (Epic V12, Epic V10 Double, Epic V14, etc.). Between feedback from Elite paddlers around the world and our own observations in a variety of conditions, we learned enough to make a great boat even better.

With the NEW Epic V10, we tweaked the cross section shapes and volume distribution to optimize the hull for less drag at race speeds. Then we worked with the rocker profile and above water shapes to improve handling both into the wind and downwind. Through all of this we found increased stability in addition to the speed improvements.

Oscar’s philosophy is “stability before ability”. The new Epic V10 is the most stable of all elite level surf skis. Expert paddlers will appreciate being able to apply full power in all conditions. Likewise, paddlers who have mastered our Epic V10 Sport or surf skis with similar stability will find an easy upgrade to the new V10 and put themselves in a new league.

We re-designed the Epic V10 seat for better comfort. The ergonomics are improved with a narrower width at paddle entry. The Epic V10 is available with standard or an optional long footboard for people with big feet. The new Epic V10 will fit paddlers from 5’4″ to 6’8″ height (1.62 to 2.03m).”

The new Epic V10 is fitted with a revolutionary new Epic designed and manufactured bailer (patent pending). The new system can be closed for a dry cockpit and no added drag when paddling in flat water. When opened, it drains significantly faster than any other drain system on the market. And it can easily be adjusted on the fly – open a little to impart minimal drag when paddling in moderate conditions, or incrementally more as needed when conditions and water into the cockpit increase.

 What Others Say….

  • Here is a great independent review on the Epic V10 from Rob Mousley of www.Surfski.info fame
  • Here is another great independent review of the Epic V10 Elite at chargelife.com
  • Paddlers are absolutely raving about the 2nd generation Epic V10 which has proven itself to be a game changer.

What We Say….

We paddled the original V10 for five years.   It was an awesome boat and fit like a glove.  We found the superior fit and ergonomics contributed significantly to the stability.   With the high volume bow  it is very rare to bury the nose when paddling in the short and steep chop we often get on protected waters in the Great Lakes​
​We’ve now had the time to spend a few days paddling the new V10 and con confirm it  feels amazingly stable, fast and comfortable.    Very close to the original V10 Sport in stability.  Truly an amazing feat for an advanced surfski and a game changer for experienced paddlers who aren’t at the elite level.

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