Epic V12 Surfski – Legendary Speed

What They Say….

Welcome to the next evolution…

The goal of the Epic V12 was to make the fastest surfski possible. Mission accomplished! For flat to moderate conditions the speed of this ski is unmatched (with the bailer closed it’s approximately 3% faster than the V10).

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What Others Say….

  •  ​Excellent review of the Epic V12 by a fellow Midwest/Lake Michigan paddler, Erik Borgnes
  • Another great review by Wesley Echols at Surfskiracing.com.   Wesley confirms, the Epic V12 is about as fast as they get
  • Another great review from an Elite level paddler and Molokai Winner from Clint Robinson

What We Say….

  • The Epic V12 is extremely comfortable and just feels fast.  Intermediate paddlers should be able to handle this boat well on flat water but may be challenged in big conditions.
  • ​When paddling this boat for the first time you will quickly realize how reactive it is.   The acceleration is simply incredible and this inspires a lot of much needed confidence chasing runs downwind
  • The secondary stability is amazing on this boat and inspires a lot of confidence when paddling in rough condition
  • ​Click here to read our Time Trial Results

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