Epic V14 Surfski – A No Holds Barred Speed Machine!

What They Say….

The V14 is designed to be the fastest surfski on the market for mid sized water conditions. We’ve pulled out all the stops to go beyond the V10 and V12 with an even sleeker shape and narrower waterline. The bow of the V14 is much narrower compared to the rest of the Epic ski line. This helps the V14 knife through wind chop & small waves.

What Others Say….

  •  The Epic V14 is new so not a lot of detailed reviews, but here is a great independent thread in the forum on surfski.info

What We Say….

  • The Epic V14 is definitely a boat designed for expert paddlers to race in open water.
  •  It should be manageable for most intermediate paddlers on flat water.
  • ​If you are an intermediate level paddler in the fortunate position of owning multiple boats, you may want to consider the Epic V14 for the ultimate flat water speed and a beginner/intermediate boat for open water

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