Epic V5 Surfski – A SURFSKI For Everyone!

What They Say….

Roto- molded kayaks have traditionally been heavy and difficult to handle, both on and off the water.

The new Epic V5 is designed to bring surfski paddling to  everyone.   It is extremely stable, relatively lightweight (46 lbs fully outfitted), faster than almost any other kayak of a similar length, and surfs like a champ.    If that isn’t enough,  the ergonomics and comfort of the V5 are night and day compared to other boats in its class.   The V5 is outfitted with the same optimized functional components of all the surfskis including an adjustable foot brace,  4 level retractable bailer, and handles on the bow, stern, and mid section.  It also comes  stock with an under stern rudder or optional kick-up rudder with toe controlled steering .   The v5 has been further enhanced for optimal durability with a hard plastic rudder.    In addition, it features an aft storage compartment with a hard plastic, waterproof hatch.

At  14 feet long and 23.6 inches wide,  the V5 is a perfect boat for  fitness paddling on small lakes and rivers as well as the open ocean.   The V5 offers considerably more stability than even the V7

What We Say….

The V5 continues to build on the massive success of the V7.   Epic just took one step further to enable everyone regardless of abilities or where they paddle,  to get into a surfski at a reasonable cost.

At 14 feet in length the V5  can be paddled anywhere.   It may well be the ultimate all around family friendly, fun boat to have.   If you are a competitive racer and looking for speed and more big water surfing, we suggest the V7 or a composite boat.   But if you’re just looking for something fun, durable, comfortable, and versatile,  with the greatest amount of stability,  then the V5 is your boat.

Check out the awesome videos below to see the V5 in action.    Send us an e-mail to secure your new V5 now!

Below is some fun footage I took with my eight year old twins paddling the V5 on Lake Michigan in 2 foot waves.  They had a blast, then I took it out further to really see what it could do.   I was very impressed, as you will see in the video, the V5 surfs like a champ.





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