Surf Ski Lessons –  A General Introduction

​This will be a two hour surfski lesson including  30 minutes of dry land instruction and an hour and 30 minutes on the water with video analysis.   We will cover the following:
  1. Overview of the Surfski – features and functions
  2. Overview of the wing paddle
  3. Safety when paddling a surfski
  4. Forward Stroke Technique
  5. Bracing
  6. Remounting
  7. Down wind paddling

​TC Surfski will supply boats, paddles, PFDs, and Leashes for this class.   You will need to bring clothing appropriate for immersion in the water.    Our preferred location is Nedows Bay Beach on North Lake Leelanau

Pricing: $150 for a private lesson.  $100 per person for a group of 2 who sign up together.    $75 per person for a group of 4 that sign up together

Downwind Surfing Lesson

Downwind surfing is the ultimate thrill and what the surfski is made to do.   It can take years to master, but you can greatly accelerate your learning by riding in the back of a tandem with an experienced instructor. We offer lessons in our Nelo 600 tandem

  • Launching in Surf
  • Remounting in waves
  • Bracing on both sides
  • Transition from brace to quick powerful stroke
  • Keeping the boat high on the waves
  • Timing to minimize effort
  • Learn when to go and when to wait

Pricing:  $150

Note:  Finding waves is of course dependent on weather, so the best approach is to book for a three day window including Fri/Sat/Sun and we can evaluate the best time and location based on the wind forecast.

Check out the short clip below from a recent surfski lesson with a couple that had very little paddling experience of any kind prior to this lesson

Below is a short clip from a downwind lesson that I did with two of my brothers who had never been in a surfski or done any real ocean padding.   When we have a south/southwest wind these are the conditions we get at our lesson location on Lee Point Rd, West Bay.   They are perfect waves for beginners.

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