Check out these amazing surfski race videos to see what surfski racing is all about

Cape Town Downwind World Series

While they didn’t get the typical epic “Miller’s Run” downwind conditions that are common, this was still an excellent surfski race video with superb footage of the best paddlers in the world battling it out in beautiful South Africa.

Maraamu Surfski 2012

Beautiful location,  great conditions, and amazing rare footage from a helicopter that provides a unique perspective on the runs in this surfski race video

US Surfski Champs 2012

Another very nicely done surfski race video by Rambo of Ocean Sports Media.  This piece  highlights  the 2012 US Surfski Championships out in San Francisco, California.  This race continues to attract top talent from around the world and we saw most of the top racers in Chicago at the Shoreline Marathon the following weekend.

The Doctor 2013

Some exciting footage of a legendary surfski race in Australia

Powerade 20 Beaches Open Classic

The ocean delivered some nice downwind conditions for this race and the filming , music and overall video production is superb

Steelcase Dragon Run 2011

2010 Surfski Champs

We can’t seem to get enough of watching the footage from the US Surfski Champs out in San Francisco.  It is so well done by Rambo of Ocean Media Sports.  Most of the amateur videos can’t give you a true sense for the conditions, but we feel that this footage really does.