Surfski Paddling – A Multi-Dimensional Challenge and Growth Opportunity!​

What we love most about surfski paddling is the many dimensions that all come into play to ultimately determine how fast you can paddle and how much enjoyment you get out of it.    With so many dimensions to explore and improve upon there is always a challenge to tackle and an improvement strategy to work on.

It may be because we are lazy or just don’t have the time to log countless hours of training, but we truly love the idea that by training smart and constantly working on our technique, balance, surf skills, strength and cardio we can be competitive age group paddlers and most importantly enjoy downwind paddling to its fullest.

Developing the correct paddling technique is absolutely critical to prevent injuries, gain the maximum stability in your boat and ensure you are using your entire body and can push your cardiovascular system to its max.  In surfski paddling you have the forward stroke technique which is of course a fundamental requirement.   But forward stroke technique is not enough when you are paddling downwind in waves.  Downwind paddling involves an entirely different dimension which is more similar to surfing where you have to read the water and position the boat to catch the swells and link from one swell to the next.

The web sites, articles, and blogs listed below all have great information on technique.   TC Surfski will also provide forward stroke technique lessons with video analysis.  See options and pricing.


  • My Kayak Coach is a website with an extensive collection of great technique analysis video
  • The Training section of contains lots of excellent articles​
  •  There are several great technique articles interspersed on Dawid Mocke’s website in the blog/news section

Blogs and Articles

Forward Stroke Technique

Downwind Paddling Skills

  • This is a great article on the  downwind paddling written by Erik Borgnes an awesome midwest surfski paddler
  • ​​Here is a downwind article written by Dawid Mocke, although not very detailed, any advice from Dawid is golden
  •  TC Surfski’s humble attempt at describing downwind paddling, specifically focused on smaller and steeper wind chop