About TC Surfski

I grew up in Alaska and my wife Kim grew up in Northern Michigan. We met while we were both working and living in downtown Chicago. After getting married in 2001 we decided to move North and across the lake and settled just outside of Traverse City. In Oct 2007 our twins Willa and Hayden were born and our leisurely weekends of long workouts and relaxation came to an abrupt halt.

Kim and I have always been driven to experiment and evolve our diet, nutrition, and active lifestyle. I have been on a constant evolution going from a skydiver and power lifter, to a marathon runner, iron man finisher, and cross country ski racer. I started paddling a surfski in 2004 after getting burned out on running and biking after a long summer training for Ironman Wisconsin. My first few attempts were a complete failure which made it all the more sweet when I finally started to figure out how to stay upright on the boat. I soon started to realize that surfski paddling was a single activity that could give me a great cardio/strength/balance workout, provide a meditative experience, and at times, a serious adrenaline fix.

In 2012 I started TC Surfski to spread my passion for the sport throughout the Midwest.

Kim and I both work full time in addition to running TC Surfski. Safe to say that life is quite busy but also very idyllic, spending summers at the beaches and winters on the slopes and cross country ski trails. The three hour bike rides, runs, and skis are long gone, but I’m thrilled to report that adding paddling into the mix, following a great diet, and training smart has allowed me to be more competitive than ever.