Our Mission: Inspire you to discover a whole new world of paddling you never knew existed. We will do this with a very non-intimidating approach and a relentless focus on safety and matching you to the right boat for YOU!


We carry the best brands in performance paddling and can equip you with all your needs


In 2013 we launched the Great Lakes Surfski Race Series. It continues to grow rapidly each year


We highly recommend a private or group lesson as the very best way to get started in your surfski journey
Mike Rubino
The cross training benefits I have gained from surfski to compliment road bike/mountain bike, running and competitive tennis are phenomenal. Also, the fun factor of paddling these high quality crafts is incredible on flat water or surfing waves in our great lakes.
James Dagg
The first time I saw a surfski was at the M22 Challenge. What a great evolution of the kayak! I wanted to try one. When I found TC Surfski right here in Michigan I was thrilled. Buying my boat was a fantastic experience.
Denny Paull
Those of us in the surf ski community continually wonder why surf skiing is not the most popular sport in the Great Lakes region. In addition to the obvious cardiovascular, upper body strength, and core benefits, they are just downright fun!
Steve Bannow
TC Surfski has put a lot of effort into promoting a quality surfski racing series for the Great Lakes area. The series offers all levels of surfski paddlers an opportunity to test their abilities at some of the best paddling venues on the Great Lakes. The racing has been stellar, the paddlers camaraderie special and the prizes awesome. Looking forward to 2014.
Jon Sanborn
If you want to paddle fast, paddle in big water or just enjoy the serenity of being on a calm lake in the cool of the morning TC Surfski knows how to set you up and get you going. Can't wait to get back to TC!
Billy Bellinger
Three years ago I bought my first surf ski; the Epic V10 Sport which is great in rough water and still plenty fast. I also own a nice 21 foot power boat with a 200 horse outboard. I haven't driven the power boat in 3 years, because the surf ski is so much more fun. I have never had as much fun with any toy as the surfski and it is always challenging me to get better.
Steve Andriese
I realize that a surfski is an ideal paddling device. Because of their speed and efficiency, they allow you to cover more distance over water than almost any other human powered craft. They allow you to paddle in more varied wind and water conditions, traveling across or upwind with actual speed, and down wind with not only speed, but an exciting ability to surf open water swell

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