Downwind Surfski Videos – Some epic paddlers on epic runs with epic footage

Surfski Spain

Absolutely beautiful conditions along the Southern Coast of Spain showcased in this downwind surfski video  from the Epic Surfski Center in Tarifa, Spain.  Who’s up for a trip to Spain?   🙂

Surfski South Africa

This downwind surfski video was put together by Rob Mousley of South Africa.  Check out the GPS speeds Rob is clocking!  Rob is one of the main contributors to which is THE definitive global surfski website.

Surfski South Africa

Epic conditions in this downwind surfski video on the legendary Millers Run

Midwest Downwind

Here are some of the best surfski paddlers in the Midwest proving that we do get great downwind surfski conditions.   This was a downwind run on Lake Mille Lacs in Minnesota.

Massive Downwind on Lake Superior

Who says we can’t get massive downwind conditions in the midwest that rival the big oceans.   This video proves otherwise.   Some amazing 15 foot swell on Lake Superior recorded in this downwind surfski video  Jon Sanborn and Mike Brumbaugh